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Feel inspired, rekindle your fire.


Susannah started Iddha Yoga with a single goal in mind: to help others discover their spark of life through yoga. Iddha is a Sanskrit word that translates to "kindled, burning, or clear".  Susannah wishes to rekindle the excitement and passion for life that we all once felt as children. Life is not about living for the weekend, or planning our next vacation. Each day, each moment, is an opportunity for a sacred, exciting life; one full of endless possibility. 

Each Iddha Yoga course includes Asana, Meditation, Mindfulness and Breath Work to foster a clear, sharp mind that harmonizes with a healthy body. Allow yoga to be your catalyst by engaging the mind and body, recreating a child-like excitement for life. 


Susannah began practicing yoga hoping to find a solution to chronic back pain. Through her practice, she not only relieved her back pain, but also noticed that yoga resolved anxiety and excited her with inspiration.


An RYT 500, Susannah has completed 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Trainings in the U.S. and South America. She is certified in Hatha/Vinyasa style yoga, as well as Tantra Yoga. This unique blend of knowledge gives Susannah a different perspective through which she can create an environment that is energizing, yet grounding. More than anything, Susannah wishes to provide her clients with a new experience that shifts our view of life.

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"Susannah is the kindest and most supportive yoga teacher. She creates a warm and welcoming environment while also customizing her classes to everyone’s individual needs and abilities. I cannot speak highly enough of Susannah and her yoga classes."
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